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Linear Asset Management in the palm of your hand.


Empowers Municipal management and engineering consultant users to:


Submit Individual Road Reports

Municipal or consulting staff can update or create new reports on location.


Standardize Input

Guarantee compliance and standardization across the Municipality.

Role-Based Hierarchy

Customize access field and management-level users.


View Historical Data

Immediate access to data for deeper insight and information to facilitate future planning.


Change/Add Information to Existing Data

Keep data on road conditions up-to-date for accurate forecasting.


Add New Comments

Append existing reports with updated information.

Take & Submit Photos

Enhance presentations and reporting with detailed visuals.


Notify Management/Engineers

Receive real-time notifications of changes to road data

Allow Data Review & Approval On Submission

Management approval to guarantee accuracy of information supplied. 

Provide GPS Data

Accurate reporting facilitates audits and future planning.


Digital Signatures

In-app digital signatures to improve accuracy and efficiency of reporting.


Email, Text, & Video Communication

Immediate clarification/discussion of info gathering with designated subject matter experts

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