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Digital Solutions to Simplify Road Management for Municipalities in Ontario & Beyond

RoadWRX - Linear Asset Management Solutions for Mobile Devices

Deeper Insight For Road Budget & Resource Planning

Municipalities across Ontario are responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of thousands of kilometres of road across the province. A primary goal of all Municipalities is to provide safe and reliable road networks to ensure uninterrupted access for users and the transportation of goods and services.

RoadWRX gives Municipalities a clearer view of road data for long term planning & budgetary considerations.


Immediate Access to Historical Road Data

A simple seek-and-find interface allows Municipal & designated engineering firm users to call up historical engineering data to improve the field reporting process.

Management Dashboard

A visual dashboard helps identify key metrics at a glance. Produce graphic charts & data exports for presentation to stakeholders.

User-Friendly Interface

RoadWRX is an intuitive software that integrates with existing technology & devices to reduce the learning curve & eliminate additional capital costs. 

Future-Proof The Planning Process


RoadWRX can produce comparative data of your road infrastructure to help determine…

  • Repair & Replacement Costs
  • Capital & Maintenance Allocations
  • Forecast Short- & Long-Term Budget Requirements
  • Model Asset Performance Based On Collected Data
Municipal Professionals Analyzing Data
RoadWRX - Linear Asset Management Works in the Field & in the Office

Engineering Firms

Access to historical standardized data to create business logic & reporting for each Municipality’s individual requirements.

  • Streamline Your Info Gathering Process
  • Increase Reporting Accuracy
  • Decrease Training Time
  • Optimize Resource Costs

Effective Road Management Is About Planning

Standardization of road infrastructure data collection for the evaluation will improve the reporting process across the board. Better allocate resources and reduce maintenance costs with RoadWRX.

Coming for Apple & Android devices, as well as a simple, mobile-responsive web interface for in-office use.

AADT 2016 - Road Usage Statistics

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